If you want to receive an offer, please send us the text you want us to translate via e-mail. We are not able to give you an estimate on the costs, without having first seen the text!

The price of a translation (depending on the type of text or special agreements) is calculated according to lines. The finished translation is the basis for this calculation. We count the lines of the finished translation in writing, on the basis of 55 characters per standard line (17 ZSEG).

Rate per line: The price of one line depends on the difficulty of the text starts at 0,70 Euro.

Sworn/Certified Translations: Our price for a sworn/certified translation of your document starts at 25.00 EUR per page.

Other prices:

Correspondence Service  from 30,00 EUR | hour
Terminology  from 30,00 EUR | hour
Interpreting service from 140,00 EUR | day
from 30,00 EUR | hour
Proof-reading from 30,00 EUR | hour
Language training from 30,00 EUR | hour

VAT of 19 % will be added to the prices above.
Payment has to be effected within 14 days from the date on the invoice.
If the client is based abroad, all banking charges will be paid by him.
Sending the translation via Fax, e-mail or normal post is in general included in the price. Extra costs, such as postage, telephone, courier service, fax can, however, be charged extra in certain cases.